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Your students will enjoy looking for all of the parts of a microscope words hidden in this puzzle worksheet. The words are hidden in all directions and there may be some overlaps making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something fun to take home and enjoy.Once they have found the words, puzzlers will need to write them in the correct boxes on the accompanying microscope diagram. There are two versions of the puzzle depending on how much you wish
Students will have a blast with this Microscope Mania Classroom Escape Challenge! Students will use their knowledge of the parts and function of the microscope to make their classroom escape! Students are required to answer station cards and use a decoder to get the code that will break them out of the digital room. There are 6 stations with 4 questions per station (24 total review questions). The digital lockboxes mean you do not have to purchase locks/boxes AND ⚞NO GRADING⚟! The digital lock g
6th - 12th
Animal and Plant Cells Table of Contents: What is a Cell? ........................................... p. 3 Animal Cell Diagram Chart ..................... p. 4 Label the Animal Cell Worksheet ...........p. 5 Plant Cell Diagram Chart ......................... p. 6 Label the Plant Cell Worksheet ...............p. 7 Animal & Plant Cells Venn Diagram ........p.8 What is a Microscope Chart ...................p.9 Label the Microscope Worksheet ...........p.10 Onion & Cheek Cells Microscope A
4th - 8th
Teach students about the parts of the microscope using this science text. Students will learn what a microscope is, what it is used for, its parts, and how they function. After reading the science text, there are four activities for students to complete to demonstrate their knowledge of the parts of a microscope. Like this activity? Check out more microscope activities by clicking here. Students will learn:the parts of a microscope and how to label themto summarize the function of each part how
Make sure your students KNOW what they have learned!! Lots of microscope review activities perfect for remediation or for early finishers to practice for the quiz! INCLUDES: 1) ASSIGNMENT – chart of parts and functions, matching, true/false 2) WORD SEARCH – 28 terms in the classic puzzle - it's harder than it looks! 3) REVIEW - LABEL and COLOR the microscope parts Perfect interactive notebook exercise. 4) CLIP and FLIP – interactive notebook flash card activity. Glue the strip, then clip wit
This bundle contains 5 easy yet effective items to breeze through your microscope introduction! Included are the following:PowerPoint presentation notes: Looking at Cells (student notes included). Open note microscope quiz (1.5 pages)- editable, could be used as a worksheet Microscope Pre-lab (2 pages)- labeling and rules for handling Microscope Lab (the classic "Letter e Lab" along with emphasis on parts and determining magnification- 5 pages). Closed note quiz on microscope! Answer Keys includ
Pond Water Microscope Activity/Lab by Miss Middle School Teacher This lab activity is a great way to explore microscopic organisms living in local ponds, streams, and lakes. I use this during my life sciences/cells unit with middle schoolers. After discussing protists and fungi, we predict what microscopic organisms may be living in just one drop of Wisconsin pond water. (NOTE: get some pond, stream, or river water prior to this lab for students to use. The murkier, the better! Early fall and s
Want to have every student learn how to use a microscope. This activity allows students to learn and use the microscope in a virtual microscope simulation where similar to using a "real" microscope. All information is then recorded digitally in Google Slides. (Link to virtual microscope and slides provided). NEWLY UPDATED: January 2021Inquiry Question: What are the structures and functions of the microscope?Suggested Unit: Cells, Body Systems, Any content where a microscope is neededActivity In
Students will enjoy putting on their super spy caps and using their knowledge of parts of the microscope to solve this Microscopes Science CSI Mystery! This is the perfect engaging activity to introduce or review your students on the functions of each part of the microscope, magnification and types of slides. This assignment has 5 stations and contains 20 clue cards about the parts of a microscope. Like the classic mystery Clue Game, after students eliminate choices, they will be left with the i
This resource is perfect for a paperless classroom or distance learning. These Microscope Interactive Google Slide Activities help students understand the parts of a microscope and how these parts function. There are 8 different options for differentiation. You can choose to use one or two options for initial learning and then others for review and test prep. This product comes with 8 activities, 8 answer keys and a Teacher Implementation Guide. As well, all the labels and descriptions in t
This is a google slideshow containing images of items underneath a microscope. It is a fun activity to do at the start or end of class. There are 15 images, and each image has 3 choices for students to choose from. This can be done as a whole class, you can have the students raise their hand, write their guess on a whiteboard, or discuss with a partner/small group.
4th - 7th
This interactive Slides activity focuses on the Parts of a Microscope. The post actually contains three assignments all-in-one. Slide #1 is a drag-and-drop, slide #2 is labeling with a word bank, and slide #3 and labeling without a word bank. Slide #4 contains the answer key. Please feel free to use both of the assignments or pick and choose what best serves your students and standards. You can also choose to remove any options that aren't necessary for your learners.This is fully editable and
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Teach students about the parts and functions of the microscope using the science text, practice materials, review activities, and a project. Students will read about what a microscope is used for, how to use it, the parts that make it work, and what each part does. Further student understanding with activities that will have students identify the microscope parts and function, review its uses, and complete a project creating a poster of the microscope. Students will learn:what a microscope ishow
Learning to use a microscope is an important part of science studies. With these Microscope Activity Worksheets, elementary students will learn the parts of a microscope and how to record their microscope observations.Included in this activity:Part of a microscope diagramLabel the parts of a microscope pageMicroscope observations pageMicroscope lab report pages (3 styles of reporting)Microscope observations drawing page9 pages, pdf download.Stay up-to-date about my store!If you’d like to know wh
Learn the basics about microscopes, who invented the first microscope, types of microscopes and some fun activities exploring items easily found around the house. * Zacharias Janssen (Read-A-Lesson) * Biography Worksheet * Timeline Cards * Parts of a Microscope * Types of Microscopes (Cut and glue activity) * Investigate Aluminum Foil (Explaining what an atom is) * Investigate Matter (Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Toilet Paper, Velcro, Cake Sprinkles, and more)
This word search on the parts of a microscope includes the following vocabulary terms. The solution to the puzzle is included.          ♦ Ocular Lens         ♦ Objective Lens         ♦ Stage         ♦ Condenser         ♦ Iris Diaphragm         ♦ Illuminator         ♦ Head         ♦ Frame         ♦ Coarse Focus         ♦ Fine Focus         ♦ BaseImportant: If you enjoyed this product, check out my other Science Word Searches:All of the Word Searches below are in
Learn the parts of a microscope with this resource!Included in this resource are two pdf documents. One is an answer key/review sheet of a labeled microscope. The other is the microscope with the label boxes blank that I used as the 'quiz'. (Files include a link to editable doc, so you can rewrite and cater to your needs.) Parts of the microscope are clear and evident with arrows and accompanying boxes. These worksheets will project and print well - greyscale, b&w. At the bottom of each pa
About SNAPs Lab Stations ActivitiesSNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They are designed to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts and help students apply scientific ideas to the real world. Each station activity promotes skills so to develop students into proficient and competent scientific thinkers.SNAPs lab activities have five components:• Science Skills Station to develop science skill profici
This product is a great introductory microscope activity, allowing students to practice the basics of using a microscope. Students will view sugar and salt under the microscope and record their observations. Skills used in this activity include:-Preparing a slide-Focusing a microscope-Switching between objective lenses-Creating microscope drawings-Recording observations
This is a Microscope Labeling activity. I LAMINATE the pieces and then use velcro to attach them to the picture. This document has TWO versions, a color coded as well as a non-color coded. This way, you can begin with the color coded version and move onto the more difficult non-color coded activity to work towards mastery.This is a WONDERFUL activity for students with special needs. This activity can be used as an introduction to new material, an enrichment activity, assessment tool and or a stu
Microscope Bundle Set of Review Materials. Excellent for teaching, reinforcing, reteaching vocabulary of parts of the microscope, and visualizing the intended use for microscopes in the science classroom. Included in this microscope unit you will find 6+ scaffolded resources including:How-To-Sheet: How to focus a light microscope - Step by step instructions on a colorful direction sheet to review the functionality of the microscope and safety in the science classroom. SMART Board Notebook activi
Check out this simple and clear 13 question worksheet that covers the parts of a microscope. Their is a visual at the top of the page that points to 13 parts. It correlates with the bottom half which has those same 13 parts that adds a section for describing the function. This can serve as a great resource for note taking, can be used as an assessment tool. Students will find the organization user-friendly and engaging. An answer key is included for your convenience!
Product Description*See PREVIEW for a full scope of the product*This product is the DIGITAL version of my Microscope Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook product. This interactive product is to be used with GOOGLE DRIVE. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS Before purchasing, ensure that your students have: 1. A device (laptop, iPad, etc.) 2. Internet Access3. A (FREE) Google Account (to access product through Google Drive) Upon purchase, you will download a PDF file that includes information for YOU
These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while practicing their skills with identifying and describing microscope parts. Terms Included: ♦ Eyepiece/ Ocular Lens, Stage, Objective Lens, Arm, Lamp/ Illuminator, Coarse Focus Adjustment Knob, Diaphragm, Fine Focus Adjustment Knob These cootie catchers come in color and black & white, and also come with a version where students can add their own definitions. Important: If you enjoyed this product, check out my Cootie C

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