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Science Interactive Notebook Bundle

Grade Levels
4th - 6th
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680 pages
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    This is a comprehensive MEGA science interactive notebook bundle! Everything you need to teach science curriculum for the year! This ends up being 318 student pages from 20 different science units. Included are 70+ mini labs/labs and 200+ foldables/activities. For all pages, teacher directions and pictures are included.

    Included in this bundle:

    Science Safety, Tools, and Method Interactive Notebook:

    *Science Safety Rules Foldable

    *Science Safety Rule Importance Foldable

    *Protect Yourself! Foldable

    *Safety Instagram

    *What Went Wrong? Reading Passage

    *Science Tools Match Foldable

    *What We Measure Sort

    *Tools Venn Diagram

    *Triple Beam Balance Coloring Activity

    *Volume Match

    *Scientific Method Foldable

    *Observation Mini Lab- Using a gummy bear in water overnight, students will practice observation skills

    *Scientific Method Sequence Foldable

    *Types of Graphs in Science Reading Paragraph and Foldable for Notes

    *Drops on a Penny Scientific Method Experiment

    Forms of Energy Interactive Notebook:

    *Energy foldable

    *Things I know that use energy foldable

    *Forms of energy foldable

    *Chocolate chip thermal energy mini lab

    *Adding/removing thermal energy foldable

    *Glow stick lab

    *Sound vocabulary match up

    *Balloon speaker mini lab

    *Jumping pepper mini lab

    *Mechanical energy foldable

    *Potential/Kinetic energy picture sort

    *Catapult mechanical energy lab

    *Light energy reading passage and notes foldable

    *Light labs

    *Forms of energy sort

    Electricity Interactive Notebook:

    *Electricity and Electrical Circuit Foldables

    *Parts of a Simple Circuit Foldable

    *Complete and Incomplete CIrcuit Foldable

    *Lighting a Lightbulb Investigation

    *Electricity Vocabulary Match Up

    *Electrical Energy Can Change Into...Investigation

    *Types of Output Electrical Energy Can Create Foldable

    *Parallel and Series Circuit Reading Passage with Foldable for Notes

    *Parallel and Series Circuit Investigation

    *My Circuit Creations Pocket and Pictures

    *Conductor and Insulator Foldable

    *Conductor and Insulator Investigation

    *Conductor and Insulator Sort

    *Electromagnet Investigation

    *Electromagnet Foldable

    Mixtures and Solutions Interactive Notebook:

    *Mixture and Solution foldable

    *Mixture and Solution passage with notes

    *Particles in a mixture and solution foldable

    *Mixtures lab

    *Separation tools foldable

    *Dissolving lab

    *Solutions vocabulary match up

    *Salt crystals lab

    *Mixtures and solutions sort

    *Mixtures and solutions venn diagram

    Properties of Matter Interactive Notebook:

    *Matter definition foldable

    *Physical properties foldable

    *Five Senses foldable

    *Properties of matter foldable

    *Magnet page

    *Magnet mini-lab

    *Magnetic/nonmagnetic sort

    *Sink or float reading activity

    *Sink or float mini-lab

    *Mass foldable

    *Mass mini lab

    *Volume foldable

    *Volume mini lab

    *Comparing mass and volume foldable/sort

    *Properties of matter mini lab

    States of Matter Interactive Notebook:

    *Matter and Classifying definition foldables

    *States of Matter Lab

    *Solid, liquid, and gas foldable with characteristic sort

    *Molecules in states of matter foldable

    *Solid, Liquid, and Gas examples sort

    *Changing states of matter passage and notes foldable

    *Ice Race Mini Lab

    *Evaporation and Condensation foldable and sort

    *Changes in Matter Lab

    Force and Motion Interactive Notebook:

    *Force and Motion Definition Foldable

    *Puff Cup Lab

    *Types of Force Foldable

    *Potential and Kinetic Energy Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *Marble Racers Lab

    *Kinetic and Potential Energy Sort

    *Vocabulary Match Up

    *Marshmallow Shooters Lab

    *Magnetic Force Foldable

    *Magnet Mini Lab

    *Newton and Laws of Motion Foldable

    *Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Sort

    *Friction Lab

    Plant Interactive Notebook:

    *Basic Needs of a Plant foldable

    *Parts of a Plant foldable

    *Fibrous Roots and Tap Roots foldable

    *Roots Experiment

    *Stem Mini Lab

    *Leaf Mini Lab

    *Photosynthesis Sequencing Activity

    *Pollination Reading Passage

    *Pollination Experiment

    *Life Cycle of a Plant Foldable and Cut and Paste

    *Life Cycle Vocabulary Match Up

    *Plant Observation Journal

    Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors Interactive Notebook:

    *Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors foldable

    *Monster Traits

    *Inherited traits vocabulary match up

    *Find Someone Who

    *Traits of animals

    *Inherited Traits/Learned Behavior Sort

    *Plants and Inherited Traits Reading Passage

    *Inherited Traits/Learned Behaviors Cut and Paste Foldable

    Life Cycles Interactive Notebook:

    *Life Cycle and Metamorphosis Definition Foldable

    *Life Cycle of a Plant Foldable

    *Inside of a Seed Craftivity

    *Inside of a Seed Lab

    *Steps to a Complete Life Cycle Foldable

    *Life Cycle of a Butterfly Foldable

    *Life Cycle of a Ladybug Foldable

    *Four Steps of a Life Cycle Foldable

    *Bee Life Cycle Foldable

    *Life Cycle Vocabulary Match Up

    *Compare and Contrast Venn diagram

    *Life Cycle of a Praying Mantis Foldable

    *Life Cycle of a Grasshopper Foldable

    *Complete/Incomplete Metamorphosis Venn Diagram Sort

    *Life Cycle of a Frog Foldable

    *Life Cycle Letter

    *Life Cycle Observation Journal

    Food Chains and Ecosystems Interactive Notebook:

    *Ecosystem Foldable

    *Creating an Ecosystem Activity

    *Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers Reading

    *Producer, Consumer, and Decomposer Sort

    *Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore foldable

    *Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore examples

    *Carnivore, Herbivore, and Omnivore sort

    *Predator and Prey Sort

    *What is a food chain foldable

    *Forest and Desert Create a Food Chain with question sheet

    *Create your own Food Chain

    *What causes changes in an ecosystem reading passage

    *Going Fishing Activity

    *Oh Deer Activity

    Plant and Animal Adaptations Interactive Notebook:

    *Structure and Function definition foldable

    *Thumb Fun Lab

    *Adaptations Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *Bugging Out Lab

    *Adaptations Vocabulary Match Up

    *Structural and Behavioral Adaptation Sort

    *Camouflage It Lab

    *Plant Adaptations Foldable

    *Types of Seed Dispersal Foldable

    *Seed Dispersal Adaptation Model

    *Plant Adaptations in Biomes

    *Creating a Plant Activity

    *Plant and Animal Adaptation Venn Diagram Sort

    Weathering and Erosion Interactive Notebook:

    *Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition foldables

    *Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition trifolds

    *Weathering Lab

    *Physical/Chemical Weathering Foldable

    *Erosion Reading Passage

    *Weathering and Erosion Vocabulary Match Up

    *Erosion Lab

    *Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Lego Activity

    *Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Reader's Theater and template for student's to create their own

    *Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Sort

    Weather Interactive Notebook:

    *Weather and Climate Definitions Foldable

    *Weather and Climate Venn Diagram

    *Weather Tools Foldable

    *Thermometer Model

    *Temperatures and Thermometers Match Up

    *High and Low Pressure Systems Foldables

    *Fronts Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *Weather Symbols Foldable

    *Cloud Coverage Foldable

    *Reading a Weather Map Foldable

    *Practice Your Meteorlogy Skills!

    *Create Your Own Forecast

    *Recording the Weather Foldable

    *Comparing the Weather

    Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Interactive Notebook:

    *Renewable/Nonrenewable definition foldable

    *Renewable and Nonrenewable reading passage with notes foldable

    *Tell me your thinking activity

    *Renewable and Nonrenewable Sort

    *Fossil Fuels foldable

    *Mining Coal Cookie Lab

    *Renewable and Nonrenewable advantages/disadvantages/example sort

    *Alternative energy foldable

    *Alternative energy vocabulary match up

    *Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, and Biofuel foldables

    *Creating biofuels lab

    *Alternative energy advantages and disadvantages foldable

    *Alternative energy persuasive poster

    Planets Interactive Notebook:

    *Order of the Planets Mnemonic Foldable

    *Orbiting the Sun Mini-Lab

    *Distance from the Sun Model

    *Solar System Match Up

    *Play-doh Solar System Model

    Models Pros and Cons

    *Create your own Solar System

    *Inner and Outer Planet Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *Planet Facts Foldables

    *Inner and Outer Planets Venn Diagram Cut and Sort

    *Planet Poster

    Water Cycle Interactive Notebook:

    *Cycle and Water Cycle Definition Foldable

    *Water Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *Water on Earth Model

    *Water Cycle Foldable

    *Evaporation Mini Lab

    *Condensation Mini Lab

    *Evaporation and Condensation Sort Foldable

    *Precipitation Mini Lab

    *Types of Precipitation Foldable

    *Water Cycle Match Up

    *Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Runoff/Accumulation Sort

    *Water Cycle in Jar Lab

    Soil Interactive Notebook:

    *What is Soil? Reading Passage and Notes Foldable

    *What is in Soil Foldable

    *Properties of Soil Foldable

    *Organic and Inorganic Sort

    *How Soil is Formed Sequencing Sort

    *Looking at Soil Lab

    *Soil Venn Diagram

    *Types of Soil Foldable

    *Capacity to Retain Water Lab

    *Types of Soil Sort

    *Ability to Support Plants Lab with Observation Journal

    *Layers of Soil Foldable

    *Layers of Soil lab

    Sun, Earth, and Moon Interactive Notebook:

    *Sun reading passage with notes foldable

    *Rotation and Revolution foldable

    *Rotation and Revolution model activity

    *Sun, moon, and earth model

    *Cycles vocabulary foldable

    *Rotate and revolve venn diagram sort

    *Making moon craters lab

    *Cycles foldables

    *Day and night model

    *Day and night model questions

    *Shadows lab

    *Seasons foldable

    *Tide model

    *Tides model questions

    *Moon phases sequence sort

    *Moon phases activity

    *Sun, earth, moon venn diagram

    Conservation Interactive Notebook:

    *Conservation and Environment foldable

    *Water Model Lab

    *Just a Little Drip Lab

    *Natural Resources and Man-made Resources foldable

    *Man-made Resources and Natural Resources Sort

    *Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources foldables

    *Peanuts in the Mail Lab

    *Pollution Passage

    *Conservation Vocabulary Match Up

    *Reduce, reuse, recycle sort

    *Human Impact on the Environment foldable

    *Oil Spill Investigation

    *Save our Earth Poster

    Click on any of the links to see more details on what is included.

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    680 pages
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