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Results for place value array

1,411 results

4th Grade Math Worksheets for Place Value, Arrays, Fractions and Geometry

This BUNDLED fourth grade grade math resource includes printable and digital math worksheets that give your fourth graders practice with ALL fourth grade grade math skills like addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, algebraic concepts, decimals, fractions, angles, measurement and data and more. These Common Core aligned math quick checks are perfect for morning work, assessment, homework, review, fast-finisher activities, exit tickets, and math centers.These math worksheets are prov

Battle Ship Place Value and Array Math Game - Digital and Printable

Created by
Primary Bloom
This Battleship Math Game is a great way for students to practice Place Value and Simple arrays. It helps students become fluent with the concept of ten more, ten less, as well as helping them recognize patterns in numbers through a fun Math game. Student's also have the opportunity to practice drawing and recognizing simple arrays that are used as the different boat shapes. This partner math game is great for math centers for any lower elementary classroom. What's included:Color and black and w

Winter Math - NO PREP Digital Packet (place value, add, sub, arrays, money)

This is a great Back to School Packet for after winter break! This packet has many skills as you will see listed below and easy to assign for students to work on independently, in centers, or review.Check out all of the Winter Packets and Bundles!Winter Math No Prep DIGITAL PacketWinter Math No Prep PRINT PacketWinter Math No Prep DIGITAL & PRINT BUNDLEWinter Literacy No Prep DIGITAL PacketWinter Literacy No Prep PRINT Packet Winter Literacy No Prep DIGITAL & PRINT BUNDLEWinter Literacy

Multiply 2 & 3 Digit Numbers Using Place Value & Arrays PowerPoint

This 27 slide PowerPoint teaches children to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a single digit number by using a place value chart and array models. It takes kids step by step through this innovative process that will revolutionize the way your children think of "big" multiplication. I use this PowerPoint presentation in my classroom as introduction to “big time multiplication”. Then I move into the more traditional array model, and then on to the distributive property. It is great for all stud

Place Value, Arrays for Beginning Multiplication and Division

Place Value, Multiplication Arrays, Beginning Division; 5 question quick checks for each topic including multiple select questions and answer grids This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Multiplication Arrays, Place Value, and Properties Practice

Introduce or review multiplication with your students using these handouts! They practice: arrays, commutative property, associative property, and understanding place value. This is even a great intro into multi-digit multiplication! **Answer key included!!**

3rd Grade Math Google Form Assessments Place Value, Arrays, Beginning Division

This Product Includes:Three self-grading Google Forms assessments (quick checks) - Place Value and Rounding to Thousands consists of 6 multiple choice, short answer and multiple select questions. Arrays consists of 5 multiple choice, multiple select and short answer questions. Beginning Division consists of 5 multiple choice, multiple select and short answer questions.NOTE: These assessments include the same questions that are on the paper based versions.**************************************

Rectangular Arrays, Larger Digit Multiplication, and Place Value

Created by
Ivy Schmidt
This is a weeklong interactive practice for students who need review or re-introduction to the concept of rectangular arrays, multiplication of 2- and 3-digit numbers, and place value. There are approximately 4 or more activities for students to perform each day or session. There are a total of 5 days or 5 sessions.

Math Assessment #1-Place Value, Arrays, Perimeter, & Area

This product contains a math assessment with 17 questions covering the following skills: *Place Value*Multiplication (Arrays) *Subtraction (Word Problems & Number Line) *Addition (Word Problems & Number Line) *Money*Rounding*Perimeter*Area

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets: Multiplication, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This Thanksgiving math BUNDLE contains three ready-to-use, thoughtfully designed, engaging resources for your third graders to practice 3-digit addition and subtraction, place value to ten thousands, telling time, rounding to the nearest 100, beginning multiplication, multiplication within 100, multiplication word problems, fact families, finding missing factors, using repeated addition, using arrays to multiply, and more!✅ Click the green preview button above for a closer look at the variety i

Halloween Math Activity -Multiplication Project for Array Area 3rd-5th Grade

Halloween activities that combine math and crafts make learning fun! Create haunted houses to connect arrays and area models to multiplication equations and word problems. Promote conceptional understanding with this easy to differentiate project. Choose between one and two digit multiplication word problems and build area model windows for a haunted house.Use this project as an introduction, practice or review of multiplication by representing problem situations using multiple models and equati

Interactive Anchor Charts - Place Value

Mathematics - Place Value Display Chart Check out these amazing products! Interactive Reading Comprehension Notebook – Bundle 1 Interactive Reading Comprehension Notebook – Bundle 2 This packet includes the following items: An array of colorful Display Pieces for your Anchor Chart or Classroom Wall. An Interactive Anchor Chart is a systematically organized collection of key academic vocabulary words and concepts displayed in an organized fashion on a wall, anchor chart or other l

Number Sense Activities | Multiplication Strategies and Place Value Concepts

Created by
Amber from TGIF
This Number Sense beginning multiplication strategies and place value concepts Ice Cream Match and Stack activity was created to assist my students in the multiple ways that a number could be written and represented. Each ice cream cone (numbers 18, 24, 35, 36, 42, 54, 64, 72, 99, 100) has 7 scoops that match the digit represented on the cone. Click the ✅ PREVIEW ✅ button above to get a close-up look.Numbers are represented in multiple ways:wordsexpanded form5 squarenumber linetens/ones blocks

Math Puzzles - Telling Time, Counting Money, Fractions, Arrays, Addition Centers

Math Grid Puzzles - These math puzzles are a fun and unique way for students to practice math skills. They must match problems with the corresponding answer to unscramble a puzzle.Only $14.00 now, will be $28 if purchased separately.There are 9 MATH sets in this pack:►Addition Facts►Subtraction Facts►Place Value►Telling Time►Money►2 Digit Addition w/ and w/out Regrouping►2 Digit Subtraction w/ and w/out Regrouping ►Arrays ►FractionsMATH PRINTABLESARRAYS WORKSHEETSFACT FAMILIES WORKSHEETSMONEY WO

Understanding Place Value - 4th Grade Math - Print & Digital - 4.NBT.A.1

Created by
⭐ This printable & digital Google Slides 4th grade math unit focuses on teaching students about understanding place value. This unit includes anchor charts, practice, pages, manipulatives, test review, and an assessment to learn and practice working with using place value in mental multiplication and in mental division, and solving word problems. Students will practice these skills with a variety of strategies including visuals, arrays, manipulatives, models, and more over multiple versions

Circle groups of ten - Place Value worksheet

Created by
Mari Benson
Objective: Students circle groups of tens, then count groups of tens and ones. Then they have to join the tens and ones and form the number that counts all the objects. Worksheets set 1 Circle groups of tens with disorganized pictures In this worksheet we want to encourage children to circle groups of ten by subitizing, instead of counting by ones. I usually tell my students that when I see disorganized pictures with a lot of items my brain wants to group them, but that’s not enough to keep t

Division PowerPoint & Note Taker (using arrays, inverse operation, area model)

This Halloween themed product contains a 27 slide PowerPoint and corresponding note taker to teach students how to divide. It reviews using arrays and inverse operation, but primarily focuses on step by step instructions to use the area model to divide 3-4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. It gives students the definitions of the following vocabulary words: divide, quotient, remainder, divisor, and dividend. This product is aligned to the following common core state standard: CCSS.MATH.CO

Buggy for Spring Time Base Ten Place Value Fun-Differentiated and Aligned

Created by
Marsha McGuire
This activity is aligned with Common Core Standards: K.CCA.2: Count forward from a given number. K.CC.A.3: Write numbers from 0-20. Represent a number of objects with a written numeral. K.CC.B.5: Count to answer ‘how many?’ questions about as many as 20 things arranged in a line, rectangular array, or circle or as many as 10 things scattered. K.NBT.A.1: Compose and decompose numbers from 11-19 into ten ones and some further ones, e.g., by using objects or drawings and record each composition

Place Value | Ways to Show a Number | Ones, Tens, Hundreds | Digital Task Cards

The beginning of the year is full of routines and procedures, community building, and...... PLACE VALUE! It seems that no matter what grade level you teach, place value is ALWAYS one of the first things seen in the curriculum. Even if your curriculum starts with arrays or division, I would bet money that you review place value at some point or another before delving deep into other skills. Place value is the FOUNDATION for all number sense and awareness. If our students don't understand place va

Day of the Dead Math Activity - Multiplication Arrays and Area 3rd-4th Grade

Create decorative houses for a Day of the Dead themed multiplication activity. This project for 3rd and 4th grade combines art while connecting word problems to equations, arrays and area models. This is a great project for 5th graders needing more background in building area models and conceptual understanding of multiplication. Choose either single digit or double digit multiplication word problems. This choice makes differentiation much easier.For each word problem your students will build an

Multiplication - Array Model - Repeated Addition - Google Classroom- Digital

This resource is ideal to teach / review multiplication. It includes 20 Google Slides where students will solve multiplication equations with array models. It is a great resource to review place value skills as it includes skip counting and repeated addition. Print and digital. Ideas to use this resource:Remote LearningMath CentersAssessment HomeworkCheck the preview video!

Multiplication Array Model in Spanish - Google Classroom- Matrices

Este recurso es ideal para enseñar / repasar la multiplicación. Incluye 20 Google Slides donde los estudiantes resolverán ecuaciones de multiplicación con modelos de matriz. Es un gran recurso para repasar las habilidades de valor posicional, ya que incluye contar salteados y sumas repetidas.This resource is ideal to teach / review multiplication. It includes 20 Google Slides where students will solve multiplication equations with array models. It is a great resource to review place value skills

Repeated Addition and Arrays Task Cards {2.OA.4}

Created by
Katie Waddell
This product includes 24 task cards meeting the common core standard 2.OA.4. There is a color version and black and white version for your convenience. Included: -4 repeated addition problems -8 repeated addition/array word problems -8 array picture to repeated addition problems -4 repeated addition to array problems -recording sheet -answer key Check out my other common core aligned task cards at my store: -Thinking Addition to Subtract -Addition and Subtraction Word Problems -Place Value

Distributive Property of Multiplication Unit - Area Arrays Decomposition

This Distributive Property of Multiplication Unit is everything you need to help your 3rd and 4th-grade students master the Distributive Property of Multiplication. It provides eight engaging lessons that break down the Distributive Property into bite-size pieces for deeper understanding.Also included are Distributive Property of Multiplication Task Cards. Over 40 task cards and puzzles to help your students master this essential upper elementary skill.This unit has eight scaffolded lessons, to
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