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JOB INTERVIEW "How NOT to Interview for a Job!" -- Video Activity - is a hilarious interview video presentation that will captivate your students and will solicit an immediate response. On this zip file you will find a worksheet that accompanies the
56 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (27.77 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 5 - Budgeting, Manage Your Spending - presents the need for financial goals, developing good credit rating, saving for emergencies and unexpected expenses, and to limit spending by creating and maintaining
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.34 MB)
RESUME WORKSHEET: "Build a Resume That S-E-L-L-S . . ." is a worksheet that any teacher of any discipline can utilize when preparing students for the real world. This worksheet helps students organize their thoughts and data prior to creating their
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.84 MB)
KEYBOARDING RUBRICS & TIPS – “Learning a Life Skill” includes general information for the instruction of Keyboarding and rubrics for the assessment piece. Keyboarding is a LIFE SKILL – one of the most important skill classes any student will
16 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.99 MB)
Financial Literacy - Budgeting - Money Management: 14-Day Simulation Activity – is a very comprehensive, exciting, and interactive computerized real world turn-key simulation where students “Flip the Die” for their “Station in Life” and experience
15 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.15 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 12 - Payroll & Deductions, 2nd Ed – students learn the latest requirements that employers must follow when preparing employee paychecks. For example, employers are required by law to deduct certain
16 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.30 MB)
POWERPOINT - "How to Create Sensational PowerPoint Slideshows" has been created for YOU to fit your classroom needs. It is an excellent INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL to use when explaining to your students how to put a dynamic PowerPoint together on the first
14 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (13.88 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 11 - Understand Your Paycheck, “My Paycheck Just Can’t Be Right!” - 3rd Edition, 2016, introduces students to the reality that gross pay is not the amount that is reflected in their pay check. They learn
12 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.72 MB)
RESUME WRITING TIPS POWERPOINT - "Creating a GOOD 1st Impression" is a powerful CAREERS & JOB SKILLS presentation that every teacher who teaches careers should use to introduce this very important topic to their secondary students. This
11 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (2.82 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 15 - The Cost of Credit, 3rd Ed - In this part, students learn about the true cost of credit when choosing to pay the minimum amount due on the unpaid credit card balance. According to the 2015 Retail
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.02 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY The Money Trail Part 20 - Buying a Car Teenager’s Dream Machine -- Students learn that before shopping for a new dream machine or a more practical and serviceable used car, they need to carefully review their budget and cash flow
11 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.16 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 6 - Spending, Make Wise Decisions - teaches students about being savvy shoppers, the trade-off and opportunity cost of selecting one product over another, beware of good vs. bad consumer incentives, steps
15 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.99 MB)
WRITING - "Business Letters & Memorandums" provide students with the opportunity to learn and refine their technical communication writing skills by producing business letters (external communication) - which means writing documents that are
8 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.95 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 1 - Bartering, Yesterday and Today - is a unit that presents a historical view of bartering/trading for goods and services in early times. People lived off the land and traded items that they made or
14 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.11 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 8 - Invest Wisely in Stocks, Bonds...3rd Ed In this part students learn to carefully consider, study, and evaluate the differences of investing in the stock market, bond market, or mutual funds market.
10 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.05 MB)
TECHNICAL WRITING PROJECT (BUNDLE) – “Get Real, Get Prepared & Get Technical” is a comprehensive technical writing research project that can be taught in an ELA writing class or any CTE class. This research project is one that is completed in
11 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.94 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY - The Money Trail - Part 7 - Save & Invest - teaches students the meaning of building wealth by starting with their financial goals and exploring the differences between saving for unexpected expenses vs. establishing a saving
13 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.40 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY The Money Trail Part 16 - Loans Galore -- teaches students that banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies lend money for major items like cars, student loans, or homes. Other loans, such as small business loans and loans from
10 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.25 MB)
FINANCIAL LITERACY The Money Trail Part 21 What is Insurance? Insurance is “Self-Assurance” -- Students learn that since they cannot predict the future, they are subject to risks every day without warning such as car accidents, personal injuries,
7 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.63 MB)
TAXES: "Under$tanding Taxe$ Activity" is a great introductory tool to use in an accounting, financial literacy, or other business class to show students where to learn about preparing income tax returns, etc. PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.46 MB)
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The mission of EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! is to provide teachers of all secondary disciplines with authentic, relevant, comprehensive, all-inclusive, and proven materials -- saving them loads of TIME, hours of WORK, and a huge amount of STRESS -- all at VERY reasonable PRICES! As a team, we specialize in interdisciplinary materials and we believe teachers should prepare students not only for college but for the "REAL WORLD." Together, we have taught 40+ years in the areas of English, Business, Marketing, Economics, and Computer Science -- many of these courses were taught in an integrated team-teaching setting. As teachers who think outside of "their books," EGR authors create materials that are exciting, fun, realistic, meaningful, and motivating for students in order to prepare them for the challenges of college and the workplace.


"TEAMWORK MAKES DREAMS WORK!" As a team, our focus is on building and enhancing student creativity, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking & decision-making skills, interactive involvement, and research development by emphasizing hands-on, meaningful & relevant experiences in integrated curriculum settings. We are, therefore, constantly updating our materials to fit the skills and knowledge students need to develop and learn TODAY to be successful in the work world TOMORROW.


Together, we have been recognized by our peers and business community leaders for:
» Teacher of the Year in four secondary schools
» Outstanding Business Instructor for the Denver Business Journal
» Junior Achievement Colorado Teacher of the Year
» All-School Academic (Renaissance) Program Community Organizer
» Advisory Committee Creator
   (combining all CTE [Career & Technical Education] programs district wide)
» Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for business students


GLORIA HENDERSON:  M.Ed. in Computers in Education and B.S. in Business Teacher Education and Economics. Gloria has years of specialized teaching experience integrating Economics and Business. KAREN STARK:  M.Ed. in Computers in Education and B.A. in Business Education with a minor in English. Karen has extensive team-teaching experience in the areas of English/ELA, Business, Computer Science, and Journalism. She has served on several integrated learning curriculum-development writing teams. OUR COMBINED EXPERIENCE INCLUDES:
» Creating and writing 300+ materials here on TpT
» Writing grants on interdisciplinary coursework
» Creating and establishing student/community networking partnerships/alliances
» Launching over 75 student-managed/operated in-school companies
» Completing three international student exchanges
   (Belfast Northern Ireland [twice], Mexico City)
» Serving as OJT coordinators and creators of OJT forms for school districts
» Supervising student teachers
» Developing alliances between civic organizations and the schools
» Serving on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement Rocky Mtn. Inc.
» Chairing departments
» Authoring numerous EGR materials, all of which are available to teachers here on Teachers Pay Teachers. For more biographical information and to contact us, visit our EGR website (below).


Our all-inclusive and comprehensive materials with EVERYTHING a teacher needs for successful instruction and immediate implementation are available here in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Our instructional materials are sold as digital items here in our store. However, we still have a very limited quantity of our professionally-printed materials in stock to be sold at drastically reduced prices for those teachers who prefer printed versions and/or are wanting to save themselves MAJOR CA$H. The printed editions are sold through our Education Get Real website and shipping and handling is FREE: EGR Website


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